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Dominic Quiros producing for Zumba video shoot on set

About the Founder

Inspired by the marketing works of large global brands & cinematic movie trailers, Dominic helps build brands to tell the untold stories of the world.

How you communicate with your customers is extremely important. Today when people constantly bombarded with content, how do you cut the noise and really speak to them?

At LDQProductions we solve exactly that problem.

Our process focuses on what makes your business unique.

Together, we help you craft a message that truly engages with your ideal customers.

We utilize digital media platforms in order to achieve this goal and share your story.
There's a gap to be filled today with creatively crafted quality content.

No generic, shallow, and trendy 'visuals' that fizzle out immediately. We don't follow trends, we make them.

We not only deliver quality production services, but the next generation marketing and branding strategies. These are tactics that help several small & large brands reach out and connect with their audience in ways unimaginable a decade ago.

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