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The Process.

The goal is simple, the process is grand.
Whether you are an artist, freelancer, designer, actor, athlete, business owner, contractor, realtor, an agency owner, or anything else, we are able to build your brand from the ground up.
We are an all-in-one, full stacked service agency that works in 3 phases:

Evaluation Phase.

We must take a general overview of you brand, see where you are at, and discover what foundations need to set in order for us to consider what the business needs in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Questions usually come as: Do you have a website? Do you have any social media? Any social following? Are you ready to market? Do you have a product? Are you looking to get media production?

Creation Phase.

Next we move onto the creation phase. Here we focus on what services and guidelines are decided for the brand and we then proceed to create them.

Services usually consist of website development & testing, video commercials, product photography, brand style guides, brand logo, privacy policy generation, marketing plan, and much more. Each clients have individual needs and we exist to serve and fulfill those needs.

Distribution Phase.

This phase is recommended, but optional. The benefits of this phase with Lifestyledq, compared to other agencies, is the full-service we can provide. Because we're to render a vision for a brand, we have a greater and deeper understanding.

We're a relational company; between our clients and team, we truly strive to care for a brand's needs. We do our best to future proof the brand so that it may be firm and robust; this means a website you don't have to worry about breaking or changing in a year or few. This means a beautiful logo that really speaks to you. A logo you don't want to change, 5 years down the road. This means a commercial with replay value for the next few years.
Lastly, is the distribution phase. Once all materials and resources have been structured, rendered, tested, and ready, we continue with setup and integration for marketing and distribution purposes. We get you situated on the necessary platforms in order to optimize a brand's online real estate for their potential audience.
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